The Heroism Ceremony LIVE

The Virtual Hero Parade - 2020


Day A: 19.04.2020

18: 30: Diaspora Ceremony Haifa Partnership Community Boston in collaboration with the heroic parade Brave Together

Day B: 20.04.2020

19: 00: Opening ceremony attended by Shai Gavso
Lighting mass memorial candles on the balconies
20: 00: Replacing a Facebook profile picture as part of the heroic parade

Day C: 21.04.2020

10: 00: A siren of remembrance for Holocaust Martyrs 'and Heroes' Day
12: 00: Creating and sharing stories of heroism - a writing workshop
Can be created throughout the day
16: 00: Circles of discourse on what the heroism of life is, its existence in the Holocaust, and the strengths that it can give us today
Throughout the day there will be discussion circles and additional workshops
20: 00: End of the day

Virtual Hero Parade Activities

Virtual Discourse Circles - The Heroism of Life

Creating and sharing stories of heroism

Challenges on social media

Heroic apps

Partners in the virtual heroic parade

Leo Buck Education Center
Haifa Boston Partnership
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The Center for Holocaust Studies
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Student and Youth Council
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