The app that will allow us all to get excited about the memory of the Holocaust

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We help document the heroes in a unique way and adapted to the younger generations, creating short and empowering videos in relation to each Holocaust hero - videos that will be preserved for generations

Create a heroic video in a minute

Observing the powers of the mind

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A renewable database of heroic videos

Will open on Holocaust and Heroism Day

About Us

Hi nice to meet you,

We are people Brave Together And our goal is to make people enthusiastic about the memory of the Holocaust. Yes, you read that right. It may sound a little strange, but if you think about it, that's exactly what we do on Hanukkah, Purim and Pesach, no? Celebrating together the heroism of the human spirit and the fact that even though they tried to destroy us, we overcame. Time after time and against all odds.

So this year, alongside the painful knowledge that the number of Holocaust survivors is dwindling, we decided to set out with An innovative, ambitious and extraordinary project, during which we will create the largest database of heroism (short) in the world for Holocaust remembrance.

Actually, We become the storytellers of the Holocaust survivors, By making accessible and simplifying the way their heroic testimonies are created, making it viral and enabling the entire population to create and share content with others.

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