The importance of the project now more than ever

Doing is extremely important right now, we are in a race against time, if we succeed in assimilating the memory of the Holocaust in social action in the next 10 years, then we will succeed in creating a new equation:

"Volunteering = Memory"

We can do this in the present generation only, when the heroines and heroes are still with us and so thirsty for volunteering with us, for the smiles we scatter with them, and for the action required to overcome the challenges of old age.

Only today can there be a direct connection between the memory of the Holocaust and volunteering with them, and that is exactly the message that is so important that we all turn to in the coming years. When we succeed in internalizing that the memory of the Holocaust can serve as inspiration and motivation to find strengths to volunteer and do for the other, in 10-15 years any volunteering for the other will serve as an integral part of the memory of the Holocaust.

A memory that if they took another step forward for life, even in impossible situations, we too can find the strength to do something small and good for someone else - to walk the path of heroism of life.

In this way, the memory of the Holocaust will create experiences that stay with us for a long time, because things we do actively remain in the memory 80% of the time compared to events that we experience passively. But not just active experiences, in fact through volunteering, we will create a new reality on the ground - a reality of doing good, and creating a better society.

A reality in which everyone remembers that even in very difficult situations, we can choose the path of heroism of life - to overcome for ourselves but also to do a little good for someone else.

The project belongs to all of us, to this day we have done everything that happened with full volunteerism and supreme sacrifice, simply because we love working with amazing and amazing people who do with us - along with the understanding that doing in this generation is of paramount importance.