Creating and sharing stories of heroism

Writing heroic stories is an art and a mission at the same time. The important craft helps to breathe life into those who perished or survive, by telling the story with a focus on them and their heroism

Every surviving man or woman or surviving man and woman has at least a certain moment of overcoming and heroism in the face of difficulty. We can choose to tell the story when our protagonist is active, or tell the story when they are passive - it all depends on the angle we choose

Without us noticing, stories about the Holocaust are often told as stories about the Nazis, our dear families become passive, people who just did to them. But this is not the case - those heroines were required to deal with the difficulty, a struggle that often required supreme mental strength - which in the end comes down to one word - heroism

Interested in empowering the heroes and heroines and taking part in the heroic parade by writing and sharing heroic stories? You have come to the right place

You are intrigued, excellent, we have prepared a guide for writing heroic stories

A template for hero photos that can be attached to the story (feel free to download!)

Sources for stories that can be told while focusing and emphasizing the strengths of the person's psyche - becoming heroic stories

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