Heroic apps

We have prepared interactive heroic apps, in which you can take part in the virtual heroic parade

Locating empowering parts within the evidence

An app in which you can help and in shape Interactive to view the evidence and mark the important parts, so that we can produce heroic videos accessible to the general public. Evidence is sometimes a long thing and most of the public does not watch it so we have prepared an app that will facilitate the craft of locating the empowering parts, and allow us to make the evidence accessible to the general public.

Hero videos photography app

As part of the app, you can shoot heroic videos. Answer pre-prepared questions when the answers are put together into a unified video.

Our favorite questions are: (1) Tell us about a case of difficulty you experienced (2) Tell us how you felt and what made you overcome (3) What do you command us to do next?

Stories about the interactive globe

Hover box element

Brave Together - Connecting stories to the field

Uploading stories of heroism on a map

An interactive site that helps teachers and students transcribe testimonies in a simple way. The craft of transcription is very important because it makes it possible to produce a catalog of testimonies. Along with an in-depth acquaintance with the testimony.