Heroic communities

Gibor.H Shabbat is the initial flagship activity developed in every community of heroes. Simple volunteering, which in total asks the residents of the neighborhood to volunteer for super simple volunteering for the elderly and Holocaust survivors in the neighborhood - the heroes

Once every 3 weeks, a cake / flowers / modest gift, accompanied by a thank you letter, and a huge smile that says, thanks to you we have a country

We did not come to talk to you about how bad they areWe do not want you to look at them with pity, we want you to look at them as they are - heroes. In all, thanks to them, we have a country, if it were not for the impossible difficulties that those heroes and heroines overcame in no way, we would not be here

So what do we offer? Let's return the lost honor together, without much effort, simple volunteering, once every 3 weeks, 30 minutes volunteering and 30 NIS from life, This is (cake / flowers / modest gift). They get in return a lovely reminder that we remember they are heroes, and we get in return an understanding that we have done something good in this world

Want more, always possible, but let's get into the world of volunteering small, and from there you can always grow - together

Want to establish a community of heroes in your place of residence - talk to us

In collaboration - Plan Now is the time - the national project to alleviate loneliness led by the MTAB Association, the Authority for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors and Eshel JDC Israel

Heroic communities


Hero Shabbat - Haifa


Hero for the Shabbat - Nahariya

Ramat Gan

Hero Shabbat - Ramat Gan


Hero Shabbat - Jerusalem


Hero. Shabbat - Ariel

Gan Yavne

Hero Shabbat - Gan Yavne

Beer Sheva

Hero for Shabbat - Beer Sheva


Hero Shabbat - Rehovot


Hero Shabbat - Holon


Hero for the Shabbat - Raanana

Your neighborhood

Hero. Sit down - your neighborhood

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