Why the Brave Together was established

The Brave Together heroic parade is a national social enterprise, which renews the memory of the Holocaust and seeks to make everyone excited by thinking about the survivors and the perished, thus taking the memory with us to everyday life - for hundreds of years to come.

The project was set up by reservists in the reserve and on a regular basis, following a campaign of uniformed witnesses they conducted as part of a course for company commanders of the Israel Defense Forces. Holocaust remembrance for one day only How can it be that the greatest story of the Jewish people in the last hundreds and thousands of years has been pushed back to one specific day that most of us prefer not to remember? And what can we do to change?


Spinoza best describes the situation:

"The human soul moves away from anything that diminishes its power, and seeks everything that strengthens its spirit."


And to simplify, we move away from what is traumatic, and we seek what gives us strength. If this is the case, we thought to ourselves, let's move the memory from the empowering place, Instead of telling about what they did to them - let's focus on the mental strengths that went through their minds as they overcame the difficulty.

Because when you have no food, water, clothes or hours of sleep, Even one step is small enough to be considered an act of heroism, and the one who walks for inspiration, this is exactly the meaning of heroism in the Hebrew language., She came from a language to overcome. To remind us that heroism is not only special to the heroic, but also and especially to the daily overcoming for the sake of the other.

The same message of human heroism in difficult situations - we can convey throughout the year. Is it difficult for you? Let's take it one step further - And not only will we not want to get away from memory, but it will serve as an inspiration for us to overcome obstacles, and also to find motivation to volunteer with them and for them.

Since this is an active message, we can not just speak it - Such an active message must be conveyed in deeds.

We have established an active tree ecosystem that conveys the message throughout the year:


We have established an active tree ecosystem that conveys the message throughout the year:

  1. Peak events that take place on Holocaust and Heroism Day - the physical, virtual and community heroic marches.

  2. Volunteering is ongoing and empowering with the protagonists, whether as a group or individually. When we offer parade participants to join and volunteer with us.

  3. Volunteering makes it possible to slowly produce entrepreneurial and connected communities that seek to take part in the empowering discourse.

  4. In more advanced stages the communities even help in setting up the parades of heroism (this has happened so far - all the impressive parades, we set up voluntarily).

In fact, we have created a wheel of action — marches that produce volunteers, volunteers that produce communities, and communities that produce marches — and so we assimilate the memory of the Holocaust into social action.

No more "remembering, and not forgetting" - move on to "do and do not forget"

And mostly remember that we want, and not just that we must.