Shahar Cohen volunteers for the Code team

Shahar Cohen

Where did you study, student / graduate, in which faculty?
The Open University of Computer Science
A little about yourself (main occupation, field of study ..)*
A recent year student in computer science is interested in artificial intelligence and especially computer vision. Works at IBM in the field of SAP system
Where did you grow up and where do you live today?
A garden will be built and I stayed there
Favourite food
The ultimate pastime
Basketball with friends or a movie with company
Am I on the team?*
Tell us a little, what does volunteering in the heroic parade mean to you, why is it important, and what do you get from doing the heroic parade?*
Volunteering for me means taking action regarding Holocaust remembrance actively and not just remembering Holocaust Remembrance Day, thus taking inspiration from Holocaust survivors, the heroism that was in the Holocaust and trying to implement it on my personal day as well as tinkering with advanced technologies and dogs to achieve team goals.
My role in the team*
Team leader and developer
What is your dream? Where would you see yourself in a few years
A partner in a start-up that promotes humanity or a doctorate in an advanced university
Link to LinkedIn profile*
mail adress*