Einav Raikin

Date of birth

Where did you study, student / graduate, in which faculty?
In my current profession, I studied at Ben-Gurion, doing my conversion after studying at Netcraft
A little about yourself (main occupation, field of study ..)
I came from the field of medical laboratories and am doing conversion to UX / UI
Where did you grow up and where do you live today?
Favourite food
Cliché but pizza
The ultimate pastime
It does not matter as long as I am with good people 🙂
Am I on the team?
Tell us a little, what does volunteering in the heroic parade mean to you, why is it important, and what do you get from doing the heroic parade?
This is important to me because the subject is close to my heart, beyond the professional experience I gain here, learning and working with the people on the team, a joy that fell on the right to contribute to an organization that deals with such a fundamental issue and brings it closer to our daily lives in creative and contemporary ways.
My role in the team
UX / UI Designer
Team members say about me I…
Ask them .. 🙂 But alongside the constructive criticism gets a lot of positive feedback 😎
What is your dream? Where would you see yourself in a few years
Integrates in the field of design and user experience characterization, takes part in various projects. Feeling in control and comfort in the field, while bravely facing various challenges, which develop me and excite me professionally and personally 🙂
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mail adress
[email protected]