Julia Swaranski - Pearl

Date of birth

Where did you study, student / graduate, in which faculty?
Apple Association she codes
A little about yourself (main occupation, field of study ..)
I studied industrial design at Hadassah College in Jerusalem, and later converted to a frontend development profession.
Where did you grow up and where do you live today?
I grew up in Tel Aviv and at the moment I have dramatized a bit within Gush Dan
Favourite food
Everything you can buy at the butchers 😉
The ultimate pastime
Live and better performance in the Golden Ring
Am I on the team?
Tell us a little, what does volunteering in the heroic parade mean to you, why is it important, and what do you get from doing the heroic parade?
Thanks to volunteering in the project, I help bridge the gap between the younger generation and the generation of Holocaust survivors, helping to perpetuate the survivors' heritage and enrich the young people's knowledge and familiarity with the history of our people. I see this as an importance and a mission.
My role in the team
frontend developer
Link to LinkedIn profile
mail adress
[email protected]