The heroic story of Tuvia Toren (Tron)

Tuvia Toren (Tron)

Our hero of the week is the late Tuvia Toren (Tron), the members of the Tron family contributed a lot in their heroism to the building of the country - they inspire us!

Tuvia was nine months old when hell first visited him in the Lodge ghetto. Miraculously, it cannot be explained otherwise, the family survived hell following the entry of the Red Army. Tuvia, his brother Eliezer Toren (Tron) and their parents were among the last 870 survivors in the ghetto, even though the pits were already ready for them - these pits are to this day near the fence of the Jewish cemetery as evidence of atrocities.

In 1948, and after all the hardships, the family immigrated to Israel. Tuvia served in the Armored Corps and completed mechanical engineering studies at the Technion. As part of the reserve service in the Armored Corps, he reached the position of battalion commander with the rank of lieutenant colonel, and national security was very important to him.

At the same time, in his civic life he devoted himself to educating the youth for the love of the land and saw it as his destiny. At the age of 27 he was appointed director of the "Yad Natan" agricultural school near Acre, and at the age of 30 he was appointed director of the "Bosmat" technical school near the Technion.

During the Yom Kippur War, at the age of 34, he enlisted in the defense of the homeland and fought heroically in the Golan. On October 16, he fell on his guard, leaving behind a wife (Sarah) and two young sons (Gadi and Shai), and over the years his two sons became combat pilots in the IDF.

Tuvia was a Zionist, who loved the Land of Israel and its inhabitants, Tuvia knew how to fight for the land when needed, but also to give it much in the educational aspect. Tuvia and Sarah's education led to the fact that even after the greatest sacrifice of all, his sons continued to do for others - in this way he inspires us, a true hero.