Brave Together in the wells of Isaac

Every year we remember relatively similarly, most of the time we are passive - but This year remember differently. We want to make you "enthusiastic" about the memory of the Holocaust, And even if it sounds strange to you at first it will sound much less strange to you when we remind you that this is exactly what we do on Hanukkah, Purim and Pesach.

Brave Together invites you to take action, together we will take to the streets for a joint march aimed at creating an active memory on Holocaust and Heroism Day, remembering that even in impossible situations we can take a step forward, and imagine our step in each step, remembering that The exact meaning of "heroism of the human spirit."

Together we create a chain of marches that makes active memory accessible from trees around the country, 10 parallel marches that take place across the country from Eilat to the ghetto fighters in the north, and allow everyone to take part in the memory that goes through the deeds.

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  • Parade participants are asked to arrive with white shirts.
  • It is recommended to bring the Israeli flag.
  • The route is suitable for families (from the age of 3).

Brave Together in the media

Videos from parades

And a message from Holocaust hero Zvi Gil

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Pictures from the 2022 Hero Parade

What should I bring with me to the parade?



Health Declaration

Songs for the parade

In the heroic parade we march accompanied by quiet songs, optimistic songs that fit the class.

For your convenience - songs for the 2022 Heroism Parade (click to enlarge):

Discussion circles

Interested in getting to know more, we have prepared an array of empowering dialogue circles in order to connect the memory of the Holocaust to everyday heroism in the best way

More from the activities of the heroic parade

Launch of an innovative app that will allow us all to get excited about the memory of the Holocaust

Want to know more about the app? Want to take part already?

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