The Parades of Heroism

We say "remember, not forget", like if we repeat the message twice, it will resonate more.

Brave Together is an innovative way of transferring the memory of the Holocaust, we seek to create an active tradition in which the memory is associated with active actions, parades, volunteering with the heroes and more.

Because "The human soul moves away from anything that diminishes its power, and seeks everything that strengthens its spirit." Welcome Spinoza

We actively convey, an active message, remembering that heroism is not only unique to the heroic, but also and especially to the everyday, and at the end of the day, to anyone in the most extreme conditions, everyone can find themselves performing a small act of heroism - distribution of the last piece of bread Hard, another step in the death marches, even getting up in the morning and continuing in the impossible reality - constitute an act of heroism and overcoming.

At the end of the day it all comes down to the question, what message do we want to convey to our children - a message of sacrifice or a message of power and inspiration. Let us remind them that in the tragedy you can see many more points of light, as our people knew how to do with Purim, Hanukkah and Pesach - celebrate the heroism of the human spirit and join an active tradition that remains for generations to come.

The marches of heroism constitute the climactic event, they take place on Holocaust Day and heroism only. We started in 2018, following a journey of witnesses in uniform as part of a Mapaim course in reserve and since then we have only grown up, thousands of people who participate simultaneously in heroic parades - and say in a tangible way "We remember deeds"

Selected photos from the various heroic parades

We advocate cooperation, authorities interested in leading a heroic parade are invited to contact us at 058-5080080



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