What is an active tradition - an active memory?

The Brave Together heroic parade seeks to transfer the memory of the Holocaust from the passive to the active, and to create an active tradition in which we actively remember the Holocaust and the daily heroes and heroines who walked the earth during it.

So what exactly is an active tradition and an active memory?

Active memory is a memory from an activity in which we perform an active activity, activity at the low level will be an activity in which we do only physical activity. An active activity at a higher level will be an activity in which we do physical activity, which has a mental process, after which the activity is performed.

Why is it so important to remember actively?

Studies show that active experience processing remains in memory 80% of the time, compared to 20% of the time When we are engaged in passive processing.

Examples - when we are required to lecture on a particular topic to the class, the chance of remembering it will be 80% of the time (active memory), compared to when we listen to the teacher in class, in this case the chance of remembering what is said is only 20% (passive memory).

What exactly does the heroic parade seek to do?

We seek to change the paradigm, from memory that deals mostly with textbooks and focuses on memorizing facts, To the memory that is in the field, one that activates our emotion, and produces action that we will have a hard time forgetting.

At the same time - Active and empowering narrative - a narrative that focuses on the heroism of the human spirit.

Our past is not a test in history, and if we want to remember it for thousands of years to come, we should learn from how we have worked generations back, because from whom can we learn better about preserving the past than from those people who managed to preserve the Exodus story for thousands of years.

For thousands of years the Jewish people have taken their greatest attempts at extermination, turning them into holidays of human heroism - realizing that this is the only way we can preserve the story and consciousness - we do not remember all the exact events that happened in Egypt, but remember Chances are, we managed to overcome, just as we remember Purim and Hanukkah. The reason for this is simple - the mind cannot remember all the facts, but it can certainly remember emotions, but in order for us to remember emotions, we must have the emotion we want to remember.

"The human soul moves away from anything that diminishes its power, and seeks everything that strengthens its spirit."

And what a more powerful emotion than the realization that they were heroines and heroes in impossible situations, and that part of preserving their memory was reflected in creating a better world.

But in order for us to create a true active tradition there is paramount importance to its creation in the coming years

If we do not do this now, it will be much harder to produce it afterwards


Together we will create an active tradition