Everyday Heroes - The Educational Program

Are you interested in producing in the youth an experiential activity that actively and powerfully remembers the memory of the Holocaust, harnesses the youth to work for the community, unites the students' families, and creates echoes around the school?

If the answer is yes, "Everyday Heroes - The Educational Program" is exactly what you are looking for.

Program structure: The program consists of 3 frontal lessons and a community volunteer event.

  1. The connection between Holocaust remembrance and everyday heroism.
  2. A workshop for writing heroic stories.
  3. How the memory of the Holocaust and heroism will affect my life later.

As part of the program, students are given a simple homework assignment that seeks to empower their parents and grandparents. It will also take place Mass volunteer event Together with the students and parents, he meets with Holocaust heroes in the community.

Then What is the parade of heroism. Brave Together is A national project that is an innovative educational way of looking at the memory of the Holocaust - Transition from passive to active memory. Making a way of life accessible that turns our most traumatic memory into a source of inspiration and social entrepreneurship. The program conveys active content and does not only take place in classrooms, these are accompanied by harnessing the classroom for leadership and active volunteer work.

The problem we came to solve: In many populations The memory of the Holocaust is at a low level of consciousness, Memory usually takes place at a limited and limited time, when required. Whether the repression of memory occurs because it is distant, traumatic or because some people feel it does not concern them, at the end of the day, most of us have failed to crack the method of making Holocaust memory relevant to the day-to-day beyond Holocaust Day and Heroism.

the solution: Brave Together seeks to connect all populations in a way that allows inspiration from the memory of the Holocaust, in such a way that the memory allows the creation of motivation to overcome the most difficult moments, for personal advancement but also for creating a better present and future.  

Because "The human soul moves away from anything that diminishes its power, and seeks everything that strengthens its spirit." Welcome Spinoza

Thus the parade of heroism transports the memory of the Holocaust to the highest level of consciousness - "memory accompanies me on a daily basis and even harnesses me to action." Just as generations before us have turned our attempt at extermination in Egypt, Israel and Persia, into a tradition that sanctifies optimism and the heroism of the human spirit (Passover, Hanukkah, Purim) - This is what the heroic parade does in relation to the memory of the Holocaust. Because in impossible extreme situations, even one small step becomes an act of heroism - and the marcher is inspired.

Remember that you want and not because you have to!

Brave Together enables the creation of an ecosystem, so that each activity feeds a different activity, a wheel of action that assimilates the memory of the Holocaust within social action. We now seek to allow high schools to put their students into this ecosystem, in a way that will intensify preparation for the Polish journey. Moreover, the program will create in students a spirit that assimilates the memory of the Holocaust in daily life, as a way to create a better world, the meaning of memory will allow it to be preserved, and eventually lead to the creation of a better society.

Benefits of the educational program -  The educational program promotes the following goals:

  1. Cracking the method for the presence of the memory of the Holocaust in everyday life.
  2. Personal empowerment of the students participating in the project.
  3. Empowering students' team spirit and giving a sense of ability to pick up more projects in the future.
  4. Connecting the community to the school, and the possibility of creating a connection between children and parents around the issue of volunteering and the preservation of memory - making parents an integral part of the school community and the parade of heroism.
  5. Making the school a leader in public opinion and a symbol of community leadership.

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