Stories of the heroism of life

Get to know our heroes and heroines of the day

We breathe life and inspiration into the stories of the survivors and the perished. Each of these people, overcame a difficulty that most of us can not imagine, this overcoming is the true meaning of life heroism - the same daily heroism that allows us to find the forces in impossible situations (and also in everyday situations). Want to draw inspiration from Holocaust heroes and heroines - this is the place.

Let's remember that they are not just victims of tragedy, because behind the big story, there are people who have done quite a bit to move forward, even if for a small moment, let's cherish them and remember them powerfully and inspiringly - because at the end of the day they are heroes. When we remember them that way, we will be able to take the memory for each day of the year, instead of repressing it for one specific day, and not only that, we can draw inspiration and overcome difficulties and obstacles, find motivation to volunteer and work for others, even in the most difficult situations. One go, we can too.


For a guide to writing heroic stories, and for the stories of the 153 last offspring heroes, scroll to the bottom of the page.