Birthday celebrations with the heroes in nursing homes

Brave Together moves from parades to deeds, and to that end we invite the entire community to participate in birthday celebrations with the survivors.

The March of Heroism is a national project to transfer the memory of the Holocaust from the passive to the active. The climactic events (marches of heroism) take place on Holocaust and Heroism Day to remind that the survivors and the perished were heroes, who overcame impossible situations, even if for a small moment.

But as Holocaust survivor Zvi Gil says, "memory cannot stand on its own, it must lead to meaningful action and moral commitment" and therefore we are not satisfied with activities on Holocaust Day and heroism alone.

We decided to pick up a volunteer project designed to symbolize that we can do for them more than one day a year - nursing homes and survivors are begging for new people and full of joy of life who will come to rejoice and be happy with them, and we all gain elation from volunteering.

What to do? Monthly birthday celebrations are held across the country, in a variety of nursing homes and clubs for Holocaust survivors, with the goal of creating a supportive community that carries the banner of life heroism, and remembers that if they overcome impossible situations, we too can overcome everyday difficulties and do with them.

They gain an empowering spirit, you gain the joy of life and new friends, and the team gets an hour of rest to gain strength.

No commitment, you can also come once, but we warn, volunteering can be addictive, so if you want to be part of a community of doing - click on the link 🙂


Haifa and the North - May Bitton 052-9525196

Jerusalem and the surrounding area - Shaked Meuda 054-7718506

Center - Leon 058-5080080

Eilat - Orna 054-3036626

Activities can be coordinated for groups all over the country