slide One_ Empowerment_in_day # HeroU The app allows you to create custom hero posts. Users can choose:
(1) Background (2) Images to be integrated
(3) Quote. When selecting the quote, you can choose from an existing citation database by topic, or specific text from the hero stories that exist in the app.
The site allows for learning sessions with heroes and heroines.
The volunteers learn from the heroes topics that interest them, such as speaking a new language, playing the piano and playing chess-mat ...
This allows heroes to feel vital in society, pass on their knowledge to future generations and inspire us all.


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And until April 1st

The Brave Together Hackathon

Technological activity that connects the generations

The 2nd Brave Together Hackathon turns the week of Passover into a holiday of technological volunteering for the heroes of the Holocaust

This is the second year, and this year it's going to be even bigger and more impressive. If usually the day of remembrance for heroism and the Holocaust is a day that some tend to forget, and other to deny, this year we want to change. Over 500 developers who will develop products for Holocaust heroes (those with us and those who do not), and together we will change consciousness, transform passover into a worldwide symbol for the triumph of light over darkness, a technological volunteer holiday for Holocaust heroes.


slide Hackathon Participation Models Partnership Companies, Funded Startups, Orgs employees volunteering - team empowerment proffesional exposure as a partner public exposure creating greater good employees recruitment Companies Additional Info Developers / Early funding rounds Startups INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN YOUR MAIN PRODUCT TEAM EMPOWERMENT creating greater good exposure, final hackathon products will be promoted by brave together, with your credentials restart your minds and meet new people from the ecosystem Registration Students / Junior Developers real Development experience contributing for a most important goal academic points (partnered institutions - upon terms fulfillment) producing real innovative products (upgrading resume) exposure to the tech industry Students Registration

slide Challenges Promoting a message
The heroism of life
Education for the message
The heroism of life

slide Israel Opening Meeting 23.3 Characterization session
The Acton
30.3 - 1.4
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Europe and Israel Opening Meeting 24.3

About What's special about the Brave Together Hackathon Effective products and not just competition The association uses products to strengthen the activity for Holocaust heroes in a way that empowers both participants and allows them to be proud of the products even after the acton is over: (1) Continued development process in appropriate cases (2) Promotion and marketing of products as part of significant and exciting activity Accompanying participants in a pre-characterization process that enables the creation of effective products: (1) Setting a complementary goal within the acton (2) Defining a product that weighs the ability to create synergy with the partner association's activities and thus empower Holocaust heroes (3) A basic development kit that focuses on the end solution ( Basic design kit, access to database and user mechanism, including compensation mechanism using virtual currencies) The process continues Preliminary process

Examples of products from last year

template Locating empowering parts inside the testimonies - place 1 01 Creating Viral Heroic Videos Place 4 Flash of Memory 02 Stories about a map 03 Heroic stories on the globe - 3rd place 04 Evidence Transcription Management Website 05 A telegram bot for volunteering 06

The hackathon was a fun and powerful experience at the same time. We arrived ready for a regular hackathon but during the day we realized how much power our solutions and technological knowledge have to positively impact these heroes - whether it is in everyday life and commemoration and memory - which only increased the adrenaline and desire to produce the best. The unique atmosphere where everyone rallies for something so significant was empowering and amazing and I highly recommend not to miss the opportunity to take part in it Ruthi Papilov Aviad Sar Shalom Participating in the hackathon was one of the equal and empowering experiences of the year. There was a super cool team we set up from scratch, and in the end we set up a functional app that makes accessible testimonies of Holocaust heroes and a community of volunteer community for the benefit of promoting the memory of their heroism. It was so successful that I joined the production team this year as well

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To join the change - together we will turn the week of Passover into a technological volunteer holiday for the heroes of the Holocaust