The 1st Brave Together Hackathon

Technological activity that connects the generations

The March of Heroism does not seek to transfer the memory of the Holocaust from the passive to the active in one day, we seek to find creative ways in favor of transferring the memory from the passive to the active. For this purpose, 70 students from the Hebrew University joined forces to program for two days technological solutions that will help the heroism parade - together we will deepen the message of the heroism of the survivors and those who perished, deepen the work for the survivors, and lead an extremely important educational message.

The hackathon was hosted by the Jerusalem-based Cinmedia company, which picked up the gauntlet and decided to fire them for the existence of the hackathon, and they deserve a big nose for it. We invite you to take a look at the projects, the members of the production team, as well as the businesses and other associations that have decided to take part in the project.

Pictures from the hackathon

Winners List

Place 1

Place 2

Place 3

Place 3


1st place in 2020

Partners Acton No. 1

Production team

Shaked Meuda, Daniel Plotkin, Nofar Simchi, Yarden Sasson Mualem, Bar Ringwald,
Mira Finkel, Yaad Luria, Shir Birger, Aviad Sher Shalom, Ron Altman, Leon Ben Ness and Anuno

Daniel Plotkin

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Jordan Sasson Mualem

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Almond ever

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Nofar Simchi

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Mira Finkel

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Birger song

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Bar Ringwald

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Destination Luria

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Aviad Sar Shalom

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Ron Altman

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Leon Ben Ness Vanunu


Examples of products produced