An active tradition for changing the consciousness of the Holocaust "The human soul moves away from anything that diminishes its power, and seeks everything that strengthens its spirit." To the next slide An active ecosystem that begins with the parades of heroism Parades take place on the Day of Remembrance for Heroism and the Holocaust, in which thousands of men and women march, who actively remember the heroism of the human spirit. Memory that heroism is not only special to the heroic, but also and especially to the daily overcoming. An active message that opens a window for active action during the year - volunteering with them and for them More details Not just physical - but also virtual In the Corona era, virtual parades were produced, which included, among others: (1) a virtual ceremony with the participation of the talented singer Shai Gavso, Holocaust survivor Zvi Gil (one of the founders of Israeli television), and led by Leo Buck High School and the National Student and Youth Council (2) Of the Survivors and the Perished (3) Circles of Discourse on the Heroism of Life, which have enabled each and every one of us to draw strength and inspiration from the past - in a real way More details And move to one-time volunteering - empowering Volunteering with them and for them, which allows them to be cherished, and not to be pitied. Remind them and us that they are heroes and heroines through whom we have a state. If you ever wanted to do something, and did not have the time, with the parade of heroism is possible - an empowering one-time volunteering, which can amount to half an hour, once every 3 weeks. For volunteering Together we create empowering volunteer communities The power of working together gives value to all of us, both volunteers and heroes and heroines. A power that rests on one and only one point - a memory that we have always, together we celebrated the heroism of the human spirit For volunteering Closing the circle of entrepreneurial teams in the production of the heroic marches The heroic communities feed the wheel, communities that seek to take the spirit of entrepreneurship forward, learn tools and create connections that move mountains within the community - crystallize into entrepreneurial communities - accompanied by the heroic parade and other connections we make - together set up heroic marches and feed the chain. Unambiguously embedded in an active memory "do and do not forget" For volunteering

An innovative national project - to make the memory of the Holocaust an engine of inspiration for creating a better future. We have created an ecosystem that assimilates the memory of the Holocaust within social action. we Remember from a place we want, and not just because we must


"Do and do not forget"

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slide Holocaust and Heroism Day 2021
A virtual parade
close events Passover week
The Brave Together Hackathon 2021
Empowering volunteers
Empower the heroes
Virtual heroic salons
Hero Challenges
And heroic apps
500+ participants
From Israel and abroad
Make the week of Passover
For the holiday of technological volunteering
For the heroes of the Holocaust
Heroic communities Writing stories of heroism

The Brave Together Hackathon

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The Virtual Hero Parade 2021

Learn to listen To the path of daily heroism This year Remember they were all overpowered heroes Want to be hosted Want to host More details

Heroic Apps

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The physical marches of heroism

Northern Heroic Parade From Shavei Zion Beach to the Ghetto Fighters' House amphitheater
Jerusalem Brave Together From the Mamilla walls to the Western Wall, parallel to the outer side of the Old City walls
The Tel Aviv Heroic Parade Rothschild 1 to the Hall of Culture
Brave Together - Kiryat Motzkin Led by the Mishmaut Center, Dr. Leah Ganor, Kiryat Motzkin Municipality, and Haifa Navy
Brave Together - Eilat Led by the Eilat Scout Tribe, Eilat Community Center, Eilat Municipality, fire brigade, youth movements in the city, and a club for Holocaust survivors in Eilat

slide Breathe life into the stories of everyday heroism Brave Together seeks to convey the memory of the heroism of the human spirit in the Holocaust, to mention that heroism is not only unique to the heroic, but also and especially to the everyday. When you have no food, water, clothes or hours of sleep, even one step can be an act of heroism. We tell the stories of daily heroism on social media, and hope that they will be a basis and inspiration for all of us, when dealing with difficulties, and also to find motivation to do for the other - volunteering Join our team of content writers